Does retina scan works for Aadhaar Card?

Retina scan is a very important thing for Aadhaar card. And its importance has grown since the finger print scanner has shown some flaws which tend to occur in many cases. Hence retina scan has proved to be playing an important role in providing the unique identification to a person which is its sole purpose.
Aadhaar based services are mostly provided to senior citizens and identification of eyes has become necessary to get Aadhaar card based pension and other benefits. And it is observed in many cases that while getting the services finger prints do not match. And the reason behind this is that improper circulation of blood causes disappearing of fingerprints of elders. And in such conflicts iris scan information has proven useful in providing the person’s identity. There was a survey done where 11000 people who came for social security pension and fingerprints of about 105 of these people did not match. And retina scan has proven to be very useful.